• 1995

    Red Snapper Ltd launches from offices in Camden, London.

    Established for over 22 years, Red Snapper had the vision and the skills to survive the dot com boom and crash.
  • 1996

    Our first two commercial intranet sites are designed and developed for Glaxo Wellcome R&D and Glaxo PLC. The aim is to improve communication between the R&D teams at Glaxo and Wellcome after Glaxo’s purchase of Wellcome. This is a major achievement as the terms ‘Intranet’ and ‘CMS’ did not exist in 1996 and Netscape 1 was the browser of choice.

  • 1998

    In a groundbreaking initiative, our second educational site is for people living with HIV and AIDS. We work closely with Glaxo Wellcome and a panel of patients to determine what kind of information would be useful for the community, and liaise with medical / legal sign off to ensure that all regulations are adhered to.

  • 1998 cont.

    No more tape drives and couriers! We install our own leased line and start to host from our own location. From this point on we can provide end to end service and accountability.

    Managed hosting is just one of the many things we offer.
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  • 2000

    The British Medical Journal (BMJ) hire us to work alongside them providing consultancy and production services. (This working partnership is still flourishing today.)

  • 2000 cont.

    Our first bespoke Brand Asset Management System breaks new ground. At a time when most agencies are still working with transparencies, we design and build a system for Rimmel London, part of Coty Inc., the world’s largest fragrance house. Housing all digital images, TV commercials and POS, our Asset Management system has a positive impact on internal communication between local affiliates and agencies. (During the next 15 years we subsequently work with Coty on over 20 brands, including Adidas Fragrance, Miss Sporty and Sally Hansen).

  • 2002

    Our first major website audit. We are appointed by The Office of The Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) to help rationalise its portfolio of websites. Our web audit analyses 55 websites.

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  • 2003

    Our first charity: We work with the Leukaemia Research Fund to develop a website with many functional components, including donations.

  • 2003 cont.

    We provide Paddington Bear with his first home on the Internet. We continued to offer him our Web Design Services until his first movie release in 2014.

  • 2004

    We’re engaged by the UK’s Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) .We subsequently win bids for two iterations of their website over a long and productive relationship.

  • 2006

    Hired by BBC Worldwide to create a bespoke event management application for its major annual sales event. (The system has grown over 10 years and is still an integral part of the event).

    Innovators of event management solutions.
  • 2006 cont.

    We research and experiment with responsive web design and launch our first responsive website.

  • 2007

    The London Evening Standard ask us to create websites for the Homes and Property Magazine, and for their direct Classified and Advertising teams. During our long and productive relationship we also worked on several other projects including the redesign elements of the flagship London Evening Standard website.

  • 2009

    We pitch for and win contracts with Bayer HealthCare in Berlin, Germany, for a variety of projects for global brands, such as Mirena and Avelox.

    More involved than most - we get under the skin of your brand.
  • 2009 cont.

    We are commissioned by Standard Chartered Bank to develop a bespoke event and delegate management system for their UK business. This web application proves to be a great success. In addition, we also manage a large amount of design and artwork for printed promotional materials.

  • 2012

    We build a bespoke user management application for one of the county marketing teams at Yahoo.

    Expert and innovative problem solvers providing flexible, scalable and lasting solutions.
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  • 2012 cont.

    We brand, design and build a new website for the London Evening Standard, Business Connections, in 4 weeks flat. Some deadline!

  • 2013

    We play a major role in helping Optimum Nutrition recover, after their e-commerce agency went into receivership, by taking control of their online offering and ensuring that they can continue growing their online presence.

    Build and mantain long lasting client partnerships.
  • 2015

    We launch a new Europe-wide corporate website for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe. The website build involved a lot of thought about the European affiliate rollout - and the best way to present them as a single organisation whilst allowing them to have their own personality.

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  • 2016

    Red Snapper pitches across the pond in Princeton, USA, and wins the contract to design and develop Otsuka-us.com

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  • 2017

    Red Snapper rebrands and launches this site. Phew!

    Beautiful brand identities.

In over 22 years' of designing great websites and web solutions we have worked with a huge variety of clients - big and small.