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Digital Agency London

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After purchasing a domain name - digitalagencylondon.co.uk - on a whim, we decided to use it as a test bed for research of some new technologies. Focussing on Canvas and HTML animations - we came up with a fun and informative website which is a good example of what is possible on the modern web.With Digital Agency London we have received a Honorable Mention from AWWWARDS and have been featured on CSS Light as Feature of the Day.

The Concept

How could we promote our agency in a creative way that would make us stand out? We decided to play with the idea of a sci-fi looking London, using the landmarks as a starting point to talk about the services we offer.

Development and Challenges

We really wanted to experiment and use some new technologies with this project so we began drafting a concept that would allow us to get our creative juices flowing. We decided to do a full immersion into the unknown. We developed the illustrations and animations in-house without realising making the London Eye rotate would be so complicated! The landmark animations are pure CSS and the isometric map is held together by a grid of multiple canvas elements.

What we did

Making a huge canvas application performant across a spread of devices was always going to be hard work. We spent a long time on device-based quality assurance; from mobiles, older desktops and macs, computers with and without GPU acceleration. Our final solution is a great mix of device compatibility and an impressive feature set.

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