BBC Worldwide Showcase

We supported the BBC Worldwide Events Team to tackle a complex delegate management process for over 2000 international guests, staff and contributors.

Each year, BBC Worldwide holds a major sales event. This unique event showcases the best of British television to the world’s top TV executives. With over 700 delegates attending annually from every corner of the globe, Showcase is the world’s biggest television sales market hosted by a single distributor. Delegate invites, travel plans, private viewing facilities and sub events, such as presentations and evening entertainment, all need to be managed in an efficient, labour-saving manner.
We have worked with BBC Worldwide on the Showcase project for over
10 Years
in which time we have expanded and redeveloped their system.

What we did

Initially we scoped and developed a powerful delegate management system and then, over time, designed new features, real time reporting systems and integration with third party suppliers. This was in line with the ever-growing needs of the events team and increasing complexity of the project.Our online solution allows administrators to plan the event in detail, including;
  • Regional invitations managed by separate teams
  • Accommodation
  • Allocation of private viewing facilities and timetables
  • Sub event booking
  • Automated table planning and seat allocation based on complex criteria and rules
  • On-site delegate check-in
  • Access solutions (badge scanning and feedback)
Delegates can RSVP, update their details and requirements through the portal, and the events team can be kept up to date with real time reporting on invitations accepted, as well as the number of delegates at the event and sub events at any time.

The result

Our solution offers end-to-end management of the BBC Worldwide Showcase event in real time, vastly improving efficiency and access to information by the busy events team. The solution continues to go from strength to strength, and is now integral to the planning and running of the event.Like what you see? Talk to us to see how we could help you.