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  • Getting the best from your digital agency

    Finding a digital agency with the skill set you need is easy enough; getting the best return on your investment is a little more complex. To do that, you need to get to know each other intimately. The relationship you have with your agency is perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to how successful any project will be.
    Posted by: Leonidas Kyrkos
  • small google phone

    Google Showing More Love for Mobile-Friendly Websites

    Google is showing yet more muscle in an attempt to highlight the importance of mobile-friendly websites and they are now making it clearer than ever before to website owners that websites need to be accessible and usable across multiple platforms.
    Posted by: Becky Smith
  • CMS vs. E-Commerce

    For any retail business, one of the key components of securing business success is by providing a good customer experience. So, for on-line businesses, which is more important; e-commerce, CMS functionality, or both? In this post we explore the pros and cons of prioritising e-commerce or CMS and the potential problems that arise.
    Posted by: Eddie Johnson
  • Magento e-commerce comparison

    Magento Vs.

    As you may have already gathered, we are big fans of Magento here at Red Snapper. We work with both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise, depending on our clients’ requirements, as both versions offer different feature sets and have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in greater detail in a future blog post.
    Posted by: Eddie Johnson