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A global pharmaceutical company had a pioneering product that required doctors Europe-wide to be trained in its use before they could prescribe it. They needed an online solution to drive and manage the process.

What we did

The Europe wide nature of this project made this a significant undertaking; not only were we working across multiple countries and languages, but we were dealing with different regulatory environments in each market.
The solution had to:
  • Allow specialist doctors across Europe to access e-learning modules and gain certification
  • Generate a register of HCPs (by an institution) who have undertaken the training and received certification
  • Provide pharmacies with the ability to verify each prescription by checking that the HCP has been certified to prescribe the product
We developed a modular web application which we could adapt to the individual requirements of the different countries by integrating alternative functionality and workflows. We developed the portal so different audiences (administrators, pharmacies and distributors) can only access information which is appropriate to their role and in line with local regulations. Company administrators have access to a full suite of regional reports as well as other crucial top-level administration rights.

The Result

We developed an important application for this pharmaceutical company which allows the organisation to meet its security and compliance targets; ensuring HCA's are trained before the distributor releases the medication to fill the prescription.
Our client now has an efficient way to manage the training and registration of certified HCPs and to ensure that only prescription from certified doctors are fulfilled by the pharmacy.

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