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Each country had it’s own language based brands, budgets, and third party agencies, each providing different levels of support for the web editors which all added to the dynamics of gaining acceptance to a centralised rationalisation project. In addition the audit had to be comprehensive and completed within a strictly limited time period, providing the results in a consistent manner to give a balanced picture across all the countries audited.

What we did

We worked closely with Monsanto management to clarify the corporate strategy and plan an audit that would provide comprehensive and relevant data. We contacted each country editor directly to form a relationship for this project and maintained some flexibility about the number of websites that were to be included as sites were unearthed and added as we progressed.
We analysed the empirical evidence received from the editors and supporting agencies, we also ran accessibility audits on all websites and collated and documented all results including a summary and recommendations. We kept the Monsanto management up to date on progress throughout the audit and created an online database for future use. The audit had to be completed relatively quickly with comprehensive questions relevant to site owners and editors with different levels of experience. The key to project success was planning, we had to identify the appropriate country contacts, gain the confidence of busy editors to complete a significant piece of work and this needed a great deal of diplomacy. Red Snapper approached the project with a ‘hearts and minds’ attitude and was able to complete the project within the deadlines set.

What was involved

The audit had to be carefully planned before it could be launched. The web presence comprised many websites spread across Europe, all with their own web editors, third party agencies and budget owners. We agreed the strategy with the client before starting and worked closely with the client throughout the project.
The results of our audit have enabled Monsanto to implement a web rationalisation process. Need to get a handle on your Digital Strategy? We can help!

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