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Jankel Armouring

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Jankel has an international presence in the armoured vehicle and personal protection industry, with decades of experience researching and developing innovative products that protect and save the lives of people operating in dangerous and challenging situations.

The project

Jankel wanted their web presence in the UK and the US to be separate. Both websites had to achieve the same goals of building relationships with existing and potential customers, elicit confidence and credibility and position Jankel as 'Best In Class' yet avoid just being an online brochure.

The development

Both sites were built with a responsive design using HTML5 and were supported on our 'Builder' CMS which allowed the US and the UK editors to ringfence their own sites with separate access and privileges even though the templates were shared across both sites to maintain style consistency. All this and delivered in 6 weeks.

What was involved

Our digital consultancy team worked directly with the UK and US teams to enable our creative guys to create two websites that had to display their own individuality, have commonality in their overall web presence and be delivered in a tight timescale. As part of this development a key factor was responsive design which had to be built into both sites. The end result was two fantastic websites, individual yet part of the same family - and mobile!

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