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Corporate Web Development

At Red Snapper we aim to meet challenges in an organised fashion to ensure that the project runs on time and budget.
We guide our clients through the whole process and take time to meet with stakeholders to learn about the company’s vision, core messages, and culture as well as departmental requirements and concerns. Our aim is to build websites that exceed our clients’ expectations.
We will audit the existing content in order to assess how appropriate it is for the new site. Our clients find these web audits incredibly helpful.
Designing the site structure, information architecture and navigation is really important. We lead our clients through the decision-making process to ensure that we agree on an appropriate solution; one that will work hard for the user journeys.
We develop wireframes for the page layouts and include functional components. Our design team then translates these into a fully responsive visual design.
All of our design work is bespoke to our client’s needs. No two sites are the same. Our designs undergo user acceptance testing (UAT) before we start our front-end programming and final cross-browser testing. Content generation, translation and sign-off are never straightforward and are often the rate limiting step. For this reason we recommend implementing a robust approval process with named signatories.
We assist with content editing, writing and asset production in line with agreed objectives. We will often upload most of the content for the launch, and we use the remaining while training our clients in content management.
We use a powerful content management system (CMS) which allows our clients to edit all components of the website. It is simple to use in any language and provides full history of all editorial changes throughout the life of the site.
Once the new site is launched the work really begins! We help to develop a forward content plan and we assist with content edits and changes if the client team is too busy or short staffed. We review progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) and we help to drive the ongoing strategy for the site and consider new modules and functionality to improve engagement.

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