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Optimum Nutrition

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Optimum Nutrition is a global sports nutrition brand offering a range of supplements to athletes and enthusiasts. Through their online stores, Optimum Nutrition sell their products directly to the public and to select sporting clubs and organisations.Due to issues with their existing web agency, Optimum Nutrition turned to Red Snapper to secure, improve and continue the support of their e-commerce system.

Take-over and stabilisation

When Optimum Nutrition turned to Red Snapper for business continuity, we gained access to existing infrastructure and code-base, audited the infrastructure and Magento implementation in order to evaluate and optimise the existing development and processes and stabilised the Magento implementation.
We as well reviewed the sites' current levels of usability and user experience resulting into migrating to a new Payment Provider offering users a wider range of payment options, we took control of day-to-day store management and updates and implemented a full failover solution and disaster recovery plan as well as updated and secured the existing infrastructure.

Homepage optimisation

We designed and implemented a new homepage which offered Optimum Nutrition space to push flagship products, messages and core information.
Since the launch of the new homepage, Optimum nutrition have seen between 4 to 10% increase in visits to key products and 5 to 30% increase in visits to key informational landing pages as well as a 5% increase in visits and a 6% reduction in pages per visit - suggesting users are finding the right information and products more quickly.
Red Snapper continues to support Optimum Nutrition with the day-to-day management of the e-commerce site and environment.

What was involved

Initially, our digital consultancy team undertook a business process audit to determine the most effective e-commerce system and manage the tender exercise. The subsequent demise of the supplier needed our audit experts to determine the status quo and plan a stabilising strategy. Using our e-commerce expertise we rebuilt and upgraded the system, our creatives reworked the website and we implemented full optimisation.

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