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Long acting contraceptives can be a complex subject. Bayer Healthcare wanted to develop an international, multilingual website for women and healthcare professionals – covering topics like IUS, IUD, injection and implant.The site needed to be completely objective – a comprehensive educational resource women could trust. It also needed to cover common concerns women have about contraception. For healthcare professionals, Bayer wanted to provide a useful resource focused on its own products.

What we did

We created a huge amount of video content: the main component was women talking about their life stage and their contraceptive choices. A leading expert answered their questions, bringing objectivity and weight.
Our role was incredibly wide – from researching the subject matter, creating the content and commissioning illustrations, through to creating and editing the videos. We also helped Bayer develop a localisation and SEO strategy for the site – as well as implementing the translations and language variations.
Oh, and we designed and programmed the whole site too.

What was involved

The breadth of the project required our digital consultancy to carefully plan a project strategy to coordinate the creation of all the various types of content (written, illustrated and video) with the creation of the design and at all stages to keep Bayer up to speed with progress. The project team also incorporated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure the best results for the website.

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