Be At One

Be At One cocktail bar
How we helped a small cocktail bar in London evolve into a large chain of businesses throughout the UK.In 1998, Steve, Leigh and Rhys had converted a run-down Indian restaurant in South London into their first BeAtOne cocktail bar. Skip to 2014 and they’re running 23 bars located all over the UK.BeAtOne came to us with an outdated website that needed a complete overhaul in line with their new brand guidelines. In order to do this successfully, we focused on four main areas: takeover of existing web presence, redesign and development, mobile focus and UX, and app redesign.

Takeover of existing web presence

As an interim solution, BeAtOne required more flexibility over their existing web presence and integrations.
  • Red Snapper migrated the existing BeAtOne site to our CMS, allowing them to easily update, edit and change the website as required
  • We converted the BeAtOne app so that it was being updated directly from the CMS on a daily basis
  • Finally, we improved the integrations with third party services, such as booking and till systems

Redesign and development

Red Snapper provided a new, class-leading, fully-responsive website, in line with BeAtOne’s new brand guidelines.
  • While a lot of changes were made, we also offered ideas for making better use of BeAtOne’s existing assets, like their colourful imagery
  • New onsite interactivity, including a cocktail selector
  • Fully redesigned and developed a  flexible content-managed site over which the editorial team has full control – from content to site navigation

Mobile focus

BeAtOne’s mobile users need seamless mobile functionality (finding bars on the go, for example), so we looked at the interactions of mobile users.
  • Focus on any page being accessible in one click
  • Removal of unnecessary page loads – for example the bar information can be found on every page
  • Automatic image optimisation for the smaller images on a mobile device
  • Good cross-linking to encourage mobile exploration
  • Finally, the site is fully responsive so works on a wider range of devices – something Red Snapper pride ourselves on

Be at one cocktail bar app

App redesign

We also underwent a complete ground-up design of an inherited Android and iPhone app, which was consistent with the new site and branding.
  • The app itself is crucial to BeAtOne’s business, so it was important to improve the UX and functionality of the app, without alienating the current customer base
  • The new site has seen a quarter increase in overall traffic in four months and a 50% increase of mobile users

Cocktail Bar Ingredients

App Functionality

BeAtOne is in the process of adopting a white label app which does not have all the functionality of its previous app.
  • Red Snapper created HTML pages which the new app linked to as browser frames
  • BeAtOne has an app that syncs with the website on a brand level but also gives them functionality not on offer by the standalone app.